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Humans can use technologies in either harmful or helpful ways.

And while, as a software developer, you are legally not responsible for the actions of people who use your applications, you are, however, required to take certain responsibility for them.

Here is a list of disruptions or breaches a ‘malicious’ human can cause your application:

  1. Abuse of Storage

Websites which allow their users to keep a record or post photos are usually vulnerable to abuse of storage.

Abusers can store inflammatory or illegal contents on such site without fear that it can be traced back to their own servers.

There are also those who just want a free storage space that they would otherwise have to pay.

2. Sock Puppets

Websites which requests for users’ opinions, feedbacks or comments are vulnerable to the Sock Puppet Attack.

In a sock puppet attack, an abuser can register under a misleading name or may even register multiple different names.

This is usually done in order to sway public opinions, orchestrate multiple conversations with multiple accounts, or just start a quarrel.

An abuser may also intend to create an illusion of overwhelming support for a particular opinion.

Examples of sock puppet attack include posting of fake reviews on e-commerce sites and creating fake social media accounts.

3. Defamation

Similar to the Sock Puppet Attack in some respect, an abuser can your application to post damaging contents about other people which could incur relentless and unnecessary court battles.

One safe precaution is to put up comment moderation and legal disclaimars.

4. Trolls And Pranksters

Trolls are users who post scandalous comments and sarcastic assertions just to get your attention. They enjoy receiving and giving out such attacks.

Pranksters on the other hand might pretend to be someone else or may figure out a way to distract other users from the real issue.

Most technical pranksters can also insert HTML of Javascript snippets to distort your page appearance.

These are some of the attacks that can be performed on your application. Make sure to take the necessary precaution when building your next application.

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