googling tips for better browsinggoogling tips for better browsing

Googling tips will make your search faster and more interesting. When used rightly, Google is one of the most powerful tool in the world. But most people don’t know how to utilise its power qualities.

Here are 7 Googling tips that will make you a browsing ninja!

1. Eliminate Unwanted Results By Adding a Minus Sign

For instance, the result below shows that you don’t want to see search results for 2021.

Googling tips

2. Use Quotation Marks

Putting quotation marks around a search term lets you search for exactly that word. All search results will have that term in it.

3. Use Two Periods

Use two periods to search between two number ranges

Example car racing 1999..2022

4. Filetype

You can also filter a certain file type related to your search

Example software development filetype:pdf

This filters out all the click bait news about software development that you don’t want to read.

5. Location

Find news related to a particular location

Example: software development location:abuja

6. Tilde ~

Use tilde as part of your search parameters when you want synonyms to appear in the result

Example: software development~training

Here you get results like software development training, lessons, guide, coaching, etc

7. In Chrome Ctrl + Shift + N

This opens up a new private browsing session.


These are some of the Googling tips that you can use to make your search results a bit more concise and clearer.

What did I miss? Let me know in the comments.

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