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The Rise of Remote Work

No doubt, the number of companies offering remote work is on the rise. To tell you the truth, remote employment has been increasing for years, but the COVID-19 epidemic has pushed the trend to unprecedented levels. Companies and organisations all over the world have been forced to adjust to a new reality in which remote work is not only possible, but frequently required for company continuity.

The causes for the increase of remote work are numerous, but a few fundamental elements are at work. To begin with, technology has made it simpler than ever before to work from anyplace. Workers may communicate with colleagues from all around the world using cloud-based software and communication applications such as Slack and Zoom.

Why Remote Work?

There are several advantages to working from home, including more flexibility, enhanced work-life balance, and decreased travel time and costs. Companies offering remote work may benefit from lower overhead expenses and access to a larger pool of talent.

Furthermore, many businesses have realised the benefits of remote work for both themselves and their staff. Remote work may help businesses save money on office space and decrease the need for pricey equipment. Remote work may provide employees with a better work-life balance, remove the need for long commutes, and even contribute to higher productivity.

30 Companies Offering Remote

  1. Upstart: Founded in 2012, Upstart is a financial technology (fintech) company. To analyse creditworthiness and issue loans to consumers, the firm use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms. Upstart, unlike typical lenders, considers a variety of non-traditional characteristics when analysing loan applications, such as education, employment experience, and even SAT scores. Upstart represents a new generation of fintech companies that are leveraging AI and machine learning to disrupt traditional lending models and offer innovative new financial products and services to consumers and will hire you for a remote role.
  2. Celigo (US & India): Celigo is a cloud-based integration platform as a service (iPaaS) provider that offers solutions to assist organisations integrate and automate their cloud-based apps. The firm was established in 2006 and is based in San Mateo, California. Without writing any code, Celigo’s platform enables organisations to link and synchronise data amongst their numerous apps, such as Salesforce, Shopify, and NetSuite. By decreasing the time and effort necessary to manually move data across systems, organisations may simplify their processes and increase their efficiency. If you are passionate about cloud technology you might want to try Celigo.
  3. Quest: Quest is a multinational technology management company that helps organisations manage their data, apps, and infrastructure. The firm was established in 1987 and is based in Aliso Viejo, California. Quest is an effective solution for companies wishing to improve their technology management and assure the security and dependability of their systems, an they usually have remote roles available.
  4. Cash App: First launched in 2013 under the name Square Cash, and later rebranded as Cash App, Cash App is a mobile payment service developed by Square Inc. It allows users to send and receive money to and from other Cash App users. Cash App has grown in popularity among millennials and younger generations as a simple and convenient way to transfer and receive money. The app has millions of downloads and is recognised as one of the top finance applications in both the App Store and Google Play Store. Cash App also embraces the remote culture.
  5. Docker, Inc: Docker, as an open-source platform, has a culture that values cooperation and community. The firm employs people from all over the world and has a culture that emphasises diversity, inclusion, and transparency. Docker places a high focus on autonomy, trust, and responsibility in its workplace culture. Employees are encouraged to take responsibility of their job, and the organisation gives them with the resources and support they need to succeed. Docker also values work-life balance and provides its workers with flexible hours and remote work possibilities.
  6. Cengage Group: Cengage is a provider of learning solutions to students, educators, and professionals through educational material, technology, and services. The firm was formed by the merging of two prominent educational publishers, Thomson Learning and Gale, in 2007. The company is committed to creating a positive and inclusive work culture that fosters innovation, collaboration, and growth.
  7. hims & hers: Hims & Hers is a telehealth firm that offers a variety of wellness, aesthetic, and sexual health services. The work culture of the organisation is based on several important ideals, including openness, creativity, and a dedication to diversity and inclusion. Transparency and open communication are important principles of the Hims & Hers work culture. Employees are encouraged to express their ideas and views openly, and the organisation supports a culture of constructive criticism and ongoing growth.
  8. User Interviews: User Interviews is a firm that offers a platform for user research and testing. The firm is situated in Boston, Massachusetts, and it is well-known for its friendly work environment. User Interviews places a high value on employee happiness and has established a work culture that values teamwork, communication, and respect. This company will hire you for a remote role.
  9. Abnormal Security: Abnormal Security is a cybersecurity firm that offers artificial intelligence-powered email security solutions. The firm was established in 2018 and is based in San Francisco, California. The work culture of Abnormal Security is based on the company’s basic principles, which include cooperation, creativity, and openness. Employees are encouraged to share ideas, take chances, and collaborate to accomplish common goals in the company’s environment.
  10. Sorcero: Sorcero is a natural language processing (NLP) software company that specialises in creating intelligent corporate software solutions. The firm was established in 2018 and is based in Washington, D.C. Sorcero offers a distinct workplace culture that values cooperation, creativity, and diversity. They also have diverse remote opportunites.
  11. LogicGate: LogicGate is a software firm located in Chicago that offers a cloud-based platform for risk and compliance management. The organisation places a major emphasis on fostering a happy and supportive work environment for its workers. Transparency is a major element of the LogicGate work culture. The organisation promotes open communication and collaboration among its employees, holding frequent meetings and updates to bring everyone up to speed on the company’s aims and success.
  12. Faire: Faire is an online wholesale platform where independent shops may interact with creators and brands. While specifics regarding Faire’s workplace culture are not publicly available, the firm has been recognised for its dedication to diversity and inclusion, as well as its emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility. Faire also embraces the remote culture.
  13. VGS (Very Good Security): VGS (Very Good Security) is a data security company based in San Francisco, California that provides solutions to help businesses protect their sensitive data. The company was founded in 2016 and has quickly established itself as a leader in the data security industry. If you’re looking for a remote opportunity in Cyber Security, VGS is a viable option.
  14. Renaissance Learning: Renaissance Learning is an educational technology firm that develops software and analytics solutions to assist instructors and students in improving their learning results. The headquarters of the corporation are in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, and it has offices and workers all over the world. Renaissance Learning fosters a happy and supportive work environment that promotes collaboration, creativity, and lifelong learning. The organisation emphasises cooperation and encourages employees to collaborate to accomplish common goals. Furthermore, Renaissance Learning offers possibilities for professional development and progress to employees at all levels through regular training and coaching programmes.
  15. Rec Room: Rec Room is a virtual reality gaming platform that offers a unique and innovative work culture that prioritizes collaboration, creativity, and inclusivity. The company was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Rec Room’s work culture is defined by its emphasis on creativity and innovation. The organisation encourages its staff to go beyond the box while developing fresh and unique game and experience concepts. This innovative attitude is mirrored in the company’s regular brainstorming sessions and hackathons, which allow staff to try out new ideas and technology.
  16. VAST Data: VAST Data is a technology firm that focuses on data storage solutions. The firm was established in 2016 and is based in New York City. VAST Data offers a distinct work culture that values cooperation, creativity, and a love of technology. One of the most important features of VAST Data’s work culture is the emphasis on cooperation and collaboration. Employees are encouraged to collaborate and exchange ideas in order to tackle complicated challenges and produce novel solutions. In addition, the organisation supports diversity and inclusion, and it strives to provide a welcome and supportive atmosphere for all employees.
  17. McGraw Hill: McGraw Hill is a multinational educational publishing corporation that creates learning materials for students, teachers, and professionals. The organisation places a great emphasis on fostering a pleasant and inclusive work culture that fosters cooperation, creativity, and personal development.
  18. Patreon: Patreon is a company that provides a platform for creators to get paid for their work and build relationships with their fans. The company has a unique work culture that prioritizes creativity, collaboration, and inclusivity. Patreon has a very collaborative work culture, with a flat organisational structure that encourages staff to collaborate and exchange ideas. With frequent team meetings and open channels for feedback and debate, the organisation lays a heavy focus on communication and openness.
  19. Upwork: Upwork is a website that links businesses with freelancers that offer a variety of services such as graphic design, writing, web development, mobile app development, and more. Upwork offers a distinct work culture that encourages flexibility, collaboration, and creativity as a remote-based organisation. Upwork supports innovation and creativity among its employees, in addition to an emphasis on flexibility and cooperation. The organisation encourages staff to embark on new initiatives and experiment with new ideas and technology, and it promotes a culture of continual learning and professional growth.
  20. Beekeeper: Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and has offices around the world, Beekeeper is a software company that provides a mobile communication platform for frontline workers. Beekeeper’s work culture is focused on creating a positive and supportive environment that encourages collaboration, innovation, and employee well-being.
  21. DocuSign: DocuSign is a software company that provides electronic signature technology and other digital transaction management services. The company was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. DocuSign is dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive workplace, and its leadership team is actively involved in promoting and supporting diversity and inclusion initiatives.
  22. Census: Census is a San Francisco, California-based cloud data intelligence startup. The organisation is known for having a friendly, inclusive work environment that prioritises employee well-being and cooperation. Census also promotes a collaborative and supportive work atmosphere by hosting frequent team-building events and social activities like happy hours, game evenings, and corporate vacations.
  23. Andela: Andela is a multinational technology firm that supplies organisations all over the world with remote software engineering teams. The organisation is well-known for its distinct work culture, which encourages cooperation, learning, and growth among its workers. The work culture of Andela is intended to promote continual learning and growth, cooperation and teamwork, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Andela is able to recruit and retain top people from across the world while also offering high-quality software engineering services to its clients by providing a friendly and flexible work environment.
  24. Intrado: Intrado is a global technology company that provides a wide range of communication and networking solutions to businesses and organizations around the world. Intrado offers remote work opportunities.
  25. Workiva: Workiva is a cloud-based software firm that offers solutions for financial, regulatory, and compliance data management. The company’s culture emphasises cooperation, innovation, and openness. Workiva’s work culture is collaborative, inventive, and open, with a focus on work-life balance and professional growth.
  26.  MissionWired: With a goal to change the world, MissionWired works with reputable organisations like Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Save the Children, etc. They offer flexible remote work opportunities as well.
  27. Workera: Workera uses Ai-powered skills and intelligence to drive employee development as well as enable precision hiring. They offer several remote opportunities for various positions.
  28. Proxify: Proxify offers numerous opportunities for software developers. If you are a skilled software developer, you can easily get a job opportunity. Skills required are often web development skills — JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, REACT JS, Node JS, Python — as well mobile app development skills. You will be required to pass a technical review and other hiring process before you can become part of their community.
  29. Codeflare: Codeflare offers unique software development training programs and services. They are located in Abuja, Nigeria. Codeflare has an e-learning platform where both programming, maths and science courses are taught.
  30. Turing: Turing is a unicorn start up that recruits remote software engineers from around the world. You will be required to pass MCQs for the stack that you are applying for after which you will be matched with a company. Matching can take sometimes up to a year.


These are some of the companies offering remote work. Remote work may benefit both individuals and businesses by increasing flexibility, productivity, cost savings, access to a broader talent pool, and environmental advantages.

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