In a recent announcement, Tapswap disclosed its decision to delay the token allocation event for the second time. Originally scheduled for July 1st, the event has been postponed to better cater to its expanding player base. Tapswap’s management explained that they made this decision to uphold the highest standards of service and enhance user experience for their community.

Reasons for the Postponement

Tapswap’s management has cited several key reasons for the postponement of the token allocation event:

  1. Growing Player Base: As Tapswap continues to attract more users, the company is committed to scaling its infrastructure to support this growth. Delaying the token allocation allows Tapswap to make necessary adjustments and improvements to handle the increased demand.
  2. Enhanced User Experience: Tapswap aims to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for its users. By postponing the token allocation, the company ensures that it optimizes all aspects of the process and addresses any technical issues that could impact user satisfaction.
  3. Security Measures: Ensuring the security of the token allocation process is a top priority for Tapswap. The additional time allows for thorough testing and implementation of enhanced security protocols to protect users’ assets.

Community Response

The Tapswap community has had a mixed response. On one hand, some users express disappointment over the delay. On the other hand, others appreciate the company’s dedication to improving the platform and ensuring a smooth token allocation process. Consequently, Tapswap’s management emphasizes that this postponement benefits all stakeholders and will ultimately lead to a better overall experience.

Next Steps

Tapswap assures its users that it will announce the new date for the token allocation event soon. In the meantime, the company focuses on completing the necessary upgrades and enhancements to its platform. Tapswap encourages users to stay tuned for updates and participate in ongoing community discussions to stay informed about the latest developments.


The postponement of Tapswap’s token allocation event reflects the company’s commitment to quality, security, and user satisfaction. By taking the time to address the needs of its growing player base and ensuring a flawless token allocation process, Tapswap aims to build a stronger and more reliable platform for its community. As the new date approaches, users can look forward to a more robust and secure experience with Tapswap focused on token allocation delay.

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