Becoming a great developer involves more than just writing impeccable code; it requires a blend of technical expertise, problem-solving abilities, and a comprehensive understanding of the development process. Here are ten signs of a great developer that indicate you’re on the path to excellence in the software development world.

1. You Write Clean, Maintainable Code

Great developers understand that code is read more often than it is written. They adhere to best practices such as meaningful variable names, modularization, and commenting where necessary. This not only makes the code easier to understand for others but also for their future selves.


// Bad
function c(n) {
  return n * 2;

// Good
function doubleNumber(number) {
  return number * 2;

2. You Embrace Continuous Learning

Technology evolves rapidly, and great developers stay up-to-date with the latest trends, tools, and practices. They actively seek out new knowledge through courses, books, and community involvement.

3. You Are a Problem Solver

Great developers are naturally curious and love solving puzzles. They don’t just code for the sake of coding; they aim to solve real-world problems efficiently and effectively.

4. You Have Strong Debugging Skills

Identifying and fixing bugs is a critical part of development. Great developers excel in debugging and can quickly diagnose and resolve issues, often preventing them from recurring.

Example: Using console.log strategically to debug:

function processData(data) {
  console.log('Processing data:', data);
  // complex processing logic
  console.log('Processed data successfully');

5. You Write Tests

Great developers understand the importance of testing their code. They write unit tests, integration tests, and sometimes even end-to-end tests to ensure their code works as expected and is resilient to changes.

Example: Using a testing framework like Jest for JavaScript:

test('doubles a number', () => {

6. You Communicate Effectively

Communication is key in software development. Great developers can explain complex technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders, provide clear and concise documentation, and collaborate effectively with their team.

7. You’re Open to Feedback

Constructive feedback is essential for growth. Great developers actively seek out feedback and are open to critique. They use it as an opportunity to improve their skills and the quality of their work.

8. You Have a Growth Mindset

Great developers believe in continuous improvement. They view challenges as opportunities to learn and grow, and they’re not afraid to step out of their comfort zone to tackle new problems.

9. You Prioritize User Experience

Understanding the end-user’s perspective is crucial. Great developers prioritize creating applications that are not only functional but also user-friendly and accessible.

Example: Implementing a user-friendly form validation:

const form = document.querySelector('form');
form.addEventListener('submit', (e) => {
  const input = document.querySelector('input');
  if (!input.value) {
    alert('Please fill out this field.');
  } else {
    // submit form

10. You’re Passionate About Your Work

Passion drives great developers. They love what they do, which motivates them to put in the effort needed to excel. This passion often translates into better performance, creativity, and perseverance.


Being a great developer is more than just mastering a programming language; it’s about cultivating a set of skills and attitudes that contribute to high-quality software development. If you see yourself in these ten signs, you’re well on your way to becoming an exceptional developer. Keep honing these traits, and you’ll continue to grow and succeed in the ever-evolving field of technology.

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