cool css tricks you should know by codeflare

In a typical software development process, less is more.

This tutorial outlines cool css tricks you should start using in your projects.

1. CSS Variables

CSS variables provides a consistent way of avoiding meaningless and mindless repetitions.

2. Use Gap to Space Items

When building applications with grid or Flexbox layouts, you can add spacing between the elements by using the property to ensure an equal amount of space.

cool css tricks you can use by codeflare
CSS Gap property

3. Use Aspect Ratio

With aspect ratio, you can ascertain the proportional relationship between an element’s width and height.

We talked extensively about aspect ratios here

aspect ratio in CSS illustrated by codeflare
Aspect ratio in CSS

4. Write Fewer Media Queries using Clamp Function

With the clamp() function, you can direct an element to occupy a minimum, preferred and maximum amount of space.

clamp function in CSS illustrated by codeflare
Clamp function in CSS

Center Elements in a div

Using Flexbox, we can easily center elements in a div

center items in a div illustrated by codeflare
Center items in a div


These are some of the cool CSS tricks you can use to write faster and fewer code.

What did we miss? Let us know in the comments.


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